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1200 Hours
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Program Objective:  The successful completion of this course qualifies the individual for a license to practice barbering in the State of Florida. The program is comprised of 8 courses totaling 1200 class hours and 600 service training hours.


BAR 01 – Florida Laws, Rules, and HIV/AIDS (4 hours) – Overview of Florida laws, rules, regulations and expectations.  Cover school policies and procedures.

BAR 02 – Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization – Learn to promote good health by sanitizing implements and equipment in accordance to state regulation.

BAR 03 – Hair Structure and Chemistry – Learn and understand the growth structure and composition of the hair.

BAR 04 – Hair Cutting and Styling – Learn techniques to complete hair styling and finishing per the client’s request and to their satisfaction.  Learn basic hair cutting and shaping techniques utilizing shears, razors and clippers.

BAR 05 – Shampooing – Detailed instruction on the use of shampoo and chemicals for cleansing the scalp and hair in preparation for additional hair services and treatments.

BAR 06 – Chemical Services – Detailed instruction regarding the techniques used for chemically treating the hair and re-arranging the basic structure.  Learn detailed instruction regarding the techniques used for chemically treating the hair and rearranging the basic structure.  Learn the art of conducting a color service to either deposit color or lighten the original hair color.

BAR 07 – Shaving, Beard, Mustache Trimming and Facials – Learn to utilize specific instruments and techniques for shaving, beard and mustache trimming.  Learn skin types and conditions as well as specific instruction for male facials.

BAR 08 – Compensation and Payroll Deductions – Comparison of commission vs payroll deduction employee.

Course Downloads:

    All programs are divided into three segments, Theoretical Instruction, Practical Instruction, and Clinical instruction.

    Theory segments constitute instruction in which students learn the theory related to hairdressing, cosmetology, skin care, and nails - along with state laws. Clinical segments constitute applicable instruction in cosmetology, skin care, and nails.

    During supervised practice, students are placed in a simulated beauty salon environment under direct supervision of instructors. Students participate in group discussions, take notes, attend lectures, listen, and follow instructor direction.

    When ready, students are assigned patrons. At this point, they learn to work with the public, performing the same salon services as they will after graduation and successful passage of a state board examination.

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