Available Courses

Course ID Course Title
CIP 12.0402 Barber
CIP 12.0401 Cosmetology (1200)
CIP 12.0401 Cosmetology (1500)
CIP 12.0409 Facial / Skin Care Specialist
CIP 12.0499 Full Specialist
CIP 12.0410 Nail Technology
CIP 12.0402 Restricted Barber
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    All programs are divided into three segments, Theoretical Instruction, Practical Instruction, and Clinical instruction.

    Theory segments constitute instruction in which students learn the theory related to hairdressing, cosmetology, skin care, and nails - along with state laws. Clinical segments constitute applicable instruction in cosmetology, skin care, and nails.

    During supervised practice, students are placed in a simulated beauty salon environment under direct supervision of instructors. Students participate in group discussions, take notes, attend lectures, listen, and follow instructor direction.

    When ready, students are assigned patrons. At this point, they learn to work with the public, performing the same salon services as they will after graduation and successful passage of a state board examination.

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