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CIP 12.0499
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600 Hours
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Program Objective:  This program is designed to provide instruction in school, classroom/laboratory safety rules and procedures.  It provides the student with an opportunity to become competent in facials, makeup, manicures, pedicures, and applying artificial nails and wraps. Tuition includes a selection of supplies and equipment.

Note:  We offer Full Specialist 600 (100 hours over Florida requirement) to give qualifying students the opportunity to apply for and receive Financial Aid.


FS 01 – Professional Image and Ethics (2 Hours) -Learn to demonstrate good conduct and moral judgment. Learn human relationship skills and professional imaging. 

FS 02 – Bacteriology, Sanitation, and Sterilization (10 Hours) – Learn to promote good health by sanitizing implements and equipment in accordance to state regulation.   Set up, use, maintenance of electrical devices.

FS 03 – Florida Law, Safety Precautions, and Nutrition – Overview of Florida Law, OSHA and State rules and regulations.  Learn proper nutrition guidelines.

FS 04 – Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin and Nails – Learn the science and structure of the skin.  Determine the scientific basis for the proper application for services and products.

FS 05 – Disorders/Chemistry of the Skin and Nails – Learn disorders and treatments for skin and nail conditions and diseases.

FS 06 – Salon Management and Conduct – Learn the basic principles needed to open and operate a successful salon as well as professional conduct.

FS 07 – HIV/AIDS – Overview of Florida Law regarding HIV/AIDS (9 Hours) for student and client protection as well as health and economic matters.

FS 08 – Successful Business Operations and State Licensure – Learn the basic principles needed to open and operate a successful salon.  Prep for state board testing.

FS 09 – Facial Procedures/Make-up Application (2 Hours) – Manual Extractions – Facials performed for client by skin type.  Make over process completed by client request utilizing full range of make up applications. Areas of study Basic Electricity (8 Hours), Facial Techniques, Contraindications (66 Hours), Product Chemistry (8 Hours), Skin Theory, Disease, and Disorders of the Skin (85 Hours).

FS 10 – Facial and Body Waxing Procedures – Facial, Body Waxing, Hair removal (3 Hours), Lash and brow tinting, eyelash applications

FS 11 – Manicure and Pedicure Procedures – Manicures and pedicures done for proper care of the hands and feet per client request.

FS 12 – Nail Theory, Practice, and Related (85 Hours): Acrylics, Sculptured and Tips – Actual services performed by students by applying product to the natural nail per request.

FS 13 – Wraps, Gels, and Mending Procedures – Services performed to mend natural nails.

FS 14 – Nail Removal and Nail Care – Actual removal of nail product from natural nails and aftercare procedures.

FS 15 Compensation and Payroll Deductions – Comparison of commission vs. payroll deduction employee.

Course Downloads:

    All programs are divided into three segments, Theoretical Instruction, Practical Instruction, and Clinical instruction.

    Theory segments constitute instruction in which students learn the theory related to hairdressing, cosmetology, skin care, and nails - along with state laws. Clinical segments constitute applicable instruction in cosmetology, skin care, and nails.

    During supervised practice, students are placed in a simulated beauty salon environment under direct supervision of instructors. Students participate in group discussions, take notes, attend lectures, listen, and follow instructor direction.

    When ready, students are assigned patrons. At this point, they learn to work with the public, performing the same salon services as they will after graduation and successful passage of a state board examination.

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